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I started drawing back in High School (around 1988). It was only a way to pass time when I was supposed to be learning. Over time, I developed a style that was all my own. My friends and family really liked it. Although I used to "doodle" (that's what I would call it), on anything nearby - like empty cigarette packages - it would be many years before I started drawing using proper artist's materials. In fact, a lot of my older pieces are no longer with us because of the crappy ink and paper I'd been using.

My art really helped me cope with being in hospital. I could tune everything out and forget just how shitty my life had become. I drew "2001 - An Art Odyssey", my first full set of Christmas cards, and countless commissioned works between my admittance in December 2000 and my release in May 2003. Although I didn't think to keep copies of all of my work, you will find galleries on this page where you can flip through the stuff that I was able to salvage.

When I was in Cornwall going to College, I had close ties with the CMHA (Canadian Mental Health Association). I often donated pieces of framed art to be auctioned off at fundraisers. The Executive Director Michael Lloyd's wife Linda absolutely loves my work and Mike was forced to outbid on every piece. Today, there are 3 major collections of my work: the one on my walls, the one on my parent's walls, and the one on Mike and Linda's walls.


2001 - An Art Odyssey

The largest single collection of my work was drawn during the year 2001. I aptly named it "2001 - An Art Odyssey" out of respect for Stanley Kubrick. It comprises of a picture-a-day for the entire year starting on January 1 and ending on December 31. The entire collection of 365 images is drawn in 4 1-inch thick black art books which I always keep close by. I really think that this self-imposed therapy helped me with not only being in hospital, but put me on the track needed to get out. 2001 - An Art Odyssey has had many incarnations from online collections (like on my Facebook account), to a CD-ROM being sold at a friend's coffeeshop, to printouts and animated GIFs. Just so you don't have to hunt for them, the entire collection is available in the gallery below.


Christmas Cards

My most popular work has proven to be Christmas Cards. In 2002, I presented a set of 12 cards - 6 festive and 6 religious. At first I drew them all by hand. I could not keep that up so now I draw a design or two and have it printed onto card stock. Below is a gallery of the Christmas cards that I have been able to salvage.

Christmas 2002
2002 Festive 1/6
Christmas 2002
2002 Festive 2/6
Christmas 2002
2002 Festive 3/6
Christmas 2002
2002 Festive 4/6
Christmas 2002
2002 Festive 5/6
Christmas 2002
2002 Festive 6/6
Christmas 2002
2002 Religious 1/6
Christmas 2002
2002 Religious 2/6
Christmas 2002
2002 Religious 3/6
Christmas 2002
2002 Religious 4/6
Christmas 2002
2002 Religious 5/6
Christmas 2002
2002 Religious 6/6
Christmas 2003
2003 Festive
Christmas 2003
2003 Religious
Christmas 2004
2004 Festive
Christmas 2004
2004 Personal Design
Christmas 2008
2008 Personal Design
Christmas 2009
2009 Festive
Christmas 2009
2009 Religious
Christmas 2009
2009 Personal Design
Christmas 2012
2012 Religious
Christmas 2015
2015 Religious
Christmas 2018
2018 Custom


Odds & Ends: Scans & Photos

A good chunk of my original work has been lost over the years. Some has been preserved through scans or photocopies. The stuff that managed to get framed is still around, but I usually gave it away, or on a couple of occasions, actually sold it. Below is a gallery of the odds & ends that I have been able to salvage. Some of these originals are still kicking around, but are generally crumpled or ripped due to the number of times they've been packed and unpacked for moving.

Cursed Tale
Untitled 2005-05-30
Mother's Day 2003
Stories From The Sea
Mother's Day 2002
Business Suit
Once Upon a Mountain - Bonnie's Grad 2009
Blue The Dog - Clipped
Quest of a Feather
Blue The Dog - Hairy
Untitled - No Date - 1
BMHC Elmgrove Building Commissioned 2004
My First Large Picture Circa 1995
Postcard 2
The Zazz 2002-04-24
Postcard 4
Fish Picture Commissioned 2003
SSO Hope Christmas Card Design
Man's Best Fiend 2003-03-04
My Sister Angie's (First) Wedding Image Used For Invitations And Reception 2003
One Step Up
Eye Four Eye
Postcard 5
Begin Again 2008-12-04
Unsure Title - 1
Easter Card 2003 - Easter Bunny
Postcard 1
Cleaning Cat (Unknown Date)
Looking Back 2002-02-08
Super Ego Worship 2003-03-06
Real World to the Imaginary Man
Duck Hunting 2002-08-16
Easter Card 2003 - Easter Basket
Postcard 6
Overgrown 2010-01-16
Unsure Title - 2
Puppet Master
Gracefield Camp Logo Designed 2009
Birthday Card Picture Commissioned In 2003
Dolphin (Unknown Date)
Star Shootings
ROHCG Contest Winner Used For Play 'Vincent' And 'Mad About The Arts' CAMH Initiative
Rose of Sharon - Birthday Request 2002-02-25
Old Flame
BPH Fountain 2001-06-02
Shane's Birthday Card - A Lancaster Boy Trying For Record Number of Birthday Cards
Ollie And Mickey - Commissioned 2002-11-19
Postcard 3


Work on Display

Although I don't have very many pieces on display, I have had some of my work displayed in public. Below is a small gallery of some of the pictures I have.

CRAG Pictures
CRAG juried exhibition submissions
CRAG Picture 1/2
CRAG juried exhibition picture 1
CRAG Picture 2/2
CRAG juried exhibition picture 2
Linda Lloyd - Auction Winner
Auctioned Art Work
BMHC Outpatient Area
BMHC Outpatient Area
St. Andrew's Art Auction
St. Andrew's Art Auction